Redoing your bathroom does not have to be an expensive process.

With discount bathroom supplies such as wholesale bathroom vanities you can save hundreds on your bathroom remodel. The first thing you should consider when remodeling your bathroom is your budget. While you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing items on sale and via wholesale distributors you still need to establish an initial budget for all of your designs so that you know what your limit might be.

For example if you want a marble or granite freestanding tub but it will consume ninety percent of your remodeling budget then you might consider getting a concrete tub that is resurfaced to look like marble that way you have more money for the rest of the remodel.

The next thing you need to do is take measurements for your space.

If you are planning on opening the space physically or adding to it with a home remodel you should wait until the foundation is laid so that you have precise measurements of how much space you can fill with vanities and tubs and cupboards. If you are working with the space you already have then you can take measurements for the length and the width of your room.

After this you should decide on a theme. The theme may very well dictate the style of the new products and furniture you buy or don't buy for your new bathroom. If you want something chic and new you might need to replace sockets and cupboards with something chrome or black.

If you want an older French country feel you might want a new vanity and new window shutters. You need to know what the theme will be so that you can pick the colors you want to incorporate. If you want black cupboards for instance but you found a set of white cupboards on sale it might be less expensive for you to invest in the white cupboards and repaint them yourself before installing them.

If you don't know where to start with the process of picking a theme or colors then perhaps you should find a single item that you will use as inspiration. There might be a single painting you love and want to hang in your new bathroom that has a burst of yellow and pink in it.

There might be a soap dispenser that your family loves with blue and gold on it. This can pave the way for your bathroom theme.

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