Firstly, Have you noticed the furniture raw material?

Without question, furniture made from different raw materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, at the same time, the texture of the material determines the looking feeling of furniture products. For example, wood is the natural material, which have the natural texture and beautiful and vivid pattern, meanwhile, because of good touch feeling and easy to process and color, wood raw material would be the first choice for furniture manufacture. As for other raw material such as plastics and synthetic materials, they have the similar characteristic such as all kinds of natural materials and have good coloring performance, however, the furniture made from such raw materials are easy to raw material and be out of shape under too hot surroundings, thereby, its service life and use range are restricted.

Secondly, have you paid attention on the content of moisture in wooden furniture?

According to furniture experts, the content of moisture in wooden furniture should be less than 12 percent. If the content of moisture is higher than such standard, wooden furniture are easy to warp and be out of shape. In daily life, when buying wooden furniture, it is not possible for consumers to take the professional test equipment to check the real content of moisture, under such circumstance, the simple and easy way is touch the surface of wooden furniture by hands. If you feel it is a little wet, the content of moisture contained would be more than 50 percent, which you should not buy for home decoration. In addition, you can sprinkle a little amount water on furniture surface where there is no painting to observe its absorbing status, the content of moisture would be higher if the absorbing speed is too slow.

Thirdly, have you noticed that whether the materials for furniture's different parts are reasonable

The surface materials for different furniture should be different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, cabinets should be used hardwood as raw material because they are too firm and meet the bearing requirements. As for the internal materials, you can use other materials. The leg thickness of large scale should be up to 2.5cm, if it is too thick, the shape would be too clumsy while if it is too thin, it is easy to bent or be out of shape. Meanwhile, the cabinet in kitchen or bathroom should not be made from fiberboard because it is easy to expand and damage under wet surroundings.

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