As is known to all, the bathroom environment is in a moist state for a long time and if you don't pay more attention on this aspect, the service life of furniture being placed in the bathroom such as bathroom cabinet, commode and other would be shorten because of the moist erosion for a long time. Under such situation, one hot topic is that how to waterproof for these furniture in bathroom. In fact, you should firstly choose the right bathroom furniture made from top quality material and then in daily life, you pay more attention on the maintenance. Detailed information about this topic is introduced below.

Firstly, choose the right board and it is the key

It is common to find the housing plate among the bathroom furniture and if you want to buy top quality bathroom furniture, you should pay more attention on choosing board. Three important factors are waterproof, moisture proof and above all environmentally friendly.

Secondly, pay more attention on the back protection

When choosing bathroom furniture, consumers should pay attention on the details at the furniture back. As usual, if the double decorative veneered technique is used, the Medium Density Fiberboard can not be exposed outside and it is beneficial to waterproof and moisture proof. In daily life, after every time bathing, there would always be the drop of water and water vapor on the furniture, the back veneer is not only waterproof, but also the guardian angel to extend the furniture service life.

Thirdly, pay more attention on the furniture design details

You should focus on some small parts of bathroom furniture whether the design on details is user-friendly or not, in fact, it is the key to choose the top quality furniture. You can judge whether the furniture is made by professional worker with top ranking technique from details.

Fourthly, you should not ignore the furniture's internal space

For a long time use, as usual, the bottom board at the pool cabinet is easy to be out of shape because it is soaked among condensate beads for long time. Because it is not easy to draw people's attention and then lack of protection, the consequence is always serious.

Fifth, the installation process should be paid more attention

As usual, it needs to punch when installing the bathroom cabinet, with the multifunction edge banding adhesive tape, it is beneficial to play the role of waterproof and moisture proof.

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