Actress Bella Thorne joined the subscription service OnlyFans and immediately caused a slew of headlines and controversy in Hollywood. OnlyFans creators are extremely angry with Bella Thorne Last month, the former Disney Channel star set up her own account, though she didn’t start promoting it until last week. Without any warning, content subscription service OnlyFans have put a cap on how much money their users can make from selling their content.

Although it’s unclear if Thorne herself was offering the nudes, fellow creators are blaming her for the new restrictions they’ve noticed on their accounts. Many believe these new limits have been put into place due to former Disney drama channel star, Bella Thorne , recently joining the platform.

As some OnlyFans content creators have pointed out, this significantly affects their income because they rely on making larger amounts of money inconsistently. But Lane said she recognizes that more established creators on OnlyFans depend on the site for their monthly salary.

When Bella Thorne first promoted her OnlyFans account , she said it was a way to fully control my image; without censorship.” This automatically had fans thinking that the actress was going to start posting topless photos for her followers. As well, Kaili allegedly said users on OnlyFans are not creative.” She apparently posted various comments on OnlyFans further criticizing creators.

With many OnlyFans creators selling subscriptions in the $5-$25 per month range, this means that creators often have to utilize other social networking sites to funnel subscribers onto their OnlyFans account—the only problem is that many social media sites won’t allow that.

When stars like Thorne join the platform, sex workers say it unfairly increases competition on the site, potentially threatening incomes. Thorne said earlier in August that she is “not doing nudity” on OnlyFans, and some of her subscribers wanted refunds after paying $200 for photos of her, TMZ reported.

The backlash surrounding Thorne’s revenue on the app seemingly prompted the UK-based service to change its payment policy , resulting in a limit for the maximum amount of money that creators can make. The problem: Bella Thorne jumped on Twitter this week to say she wouldn’t be doing nudity.

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